I am a German writer of thrillers and children's books. Supposedly, I was born in the city of Bielefeld in western Germany in 1960. "Supposedly", because the existence of this place is doubted by some. I grew up in the rural town of Olsberg, which undoubtedly exists and has kindly allowed me to use it as my pen name. I wrote my Ph.D. on artificial intelligence; my computer's still angry about this and sometimes inserts errors in my books on purpose. I have worked as a management consultant, game designer, and founded three start-ups. Unfortunately, this hasn't made me rich so far, so I'm now trying to become as famous a writer as some of my favorite authors, like Stephen King and Robert Harris.


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Currently, only two of my more than 50 books are available in English:

Boy in a White Room

Science Fiction (age 14+), 2021

Nominated for the German Youth Literature Award 2018

A boy wakes to find himself locked in a white room. He has no memories, no idea who he is and no idea how he got there. A computer-generated voice named Alice responds to his questions - through her, he is able to access the internet. He gradually pieces together his story - an abduction, a critical injury, snippets of his past ... But how can the boy tell what's real and what's not? Who is he really?

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Thriller, 2016

For role-playing gamers like Mina and Thomas, reality can blur when you spend too much time online. But when Thomas disappears, not only from the virtual world but also from real life, Mina sets out to search for him. When she discovers that other Berliners have gone missing, all of them participants in the same game, she worries that she will be next.

Chief Inspector Eisenberg heads up a team that is supposed to track and prevent potential terrorists. But identifying suspects via pattern recognition doesn't help - you can't arrest someone before a crime has been committed. Faced with uniting a brilliant but unruly team made up of hackers and coders, Eisenberg is drawn into the puzzle of the missing gamers - all of whom had the same in-game experience immediately before they disappeared.

Will Eisenberg and his team be able to unravel the truth from the fiction before it's too late?
'A compelling, sharp-edged crime thriller with a digital twist that will leave you questioning what is real and what is virtual'
James Swallow, bestselling author of Nomad